Mr. Ren Joshua Ramirez, VP for Marketing, giving his opening remarks.


Aspiring new iOS developers consisted of 30 IT professionals and enthusiasts attended the 4th DevCon iOSCodeCamp last May 3, 2014 held at co.lab. With their Macbooks loaded with Xcode and their hearts filled with enthusiasm. 


Ms Andrea Levinge, Resource Speaker, Discussing about Inheritance and Overloading

The event kickstarted with an introduction about DevCon and its upcoming events by Mr Rj Ramirez followed by a presentation of KC Coling of co.lab thereafter the resource speaker Ms. Andrea Levinge was introduced and gave a background about her co-founded  WhiteWidget a software/app development company.


As (almost) a tradition by programmers who are learning a new programming syntax/ language the “Hello World” was the very first program the participants made. Learning a new programming language and platform has been challenging for most of the participants but with the help of their co-participants, the DevCon staff and Ms.Andrea it became more interesting and fun.


Followed by a discussion on Object-Oriented Programming architecture/paradigm, obviously Java developers have the edge and fast understanding of the discussion. During the afternoon the UIkit and memory management were discussed.


Ms. Haifa Karina Baluyos and Ms. Andrea Levinge with the hackathon winners Mr. Kristhoffer Ferranco, Mr. Lawrence Salvador and Mr. Eliric Rivera. (left to right)

After all the elaboration the participants took a mini hackathon challenge and won by the the first three participants who finished their calculator app namely Mr. Kristhoffer Ferranco, Mr. Lawrence Salvador and Mr. Eliric Rivera. Some participants still continued in finishing their app.



DevCon Staff, Volunteers and Participants of the 4th iOSCodeCamp

We are looking forward to have you join us on our next event!!



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For those who were unable to come here are the condensed slides in handout format, from our 4th iOSCodeCamp in partnership with White Widget (by Mr John Joe of whitewidget)