This is just a word that describes the IBM Bluemix workshop as Developers Connect Philippines in cooperation with IBM Philippines conducted the said event at the heart of the Innovation Center, IBM Technohub, Quezon City last May 9, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 5:00. Spearheaded by the dynamic speaker for the said topic was none other than Dr. Alexis V. Pantola the Technical Manager for Cloud Ecosystems IBM Philipppines Inc.


The workshop started off with the introduction to IBM Bluemix platform as a service cloud technology. It highlighted the discussion on the following services in Bluemix: databases (PostgreSQL); security (AppScan); mobile apps (RapidApps); Internet of Things; social business (sentiment analytics); and cognitive analytics (Watson).

One of the amazing things I’ve learned about IBM Bluemix is that it supports the “Internet of Things” (IOT) using the Arduino/raspberry Pi microcontrollers. Developers could control and read their devices including sensors using the cloud service that Bluemix provides.


Rapidness is also a rule of the game in software development nowadays, Bluemix has a “rapidapps” feature that allows developer to create applications with no codes at all using its “boilerplates” as templates.

Sumptuous pizzas for snacks, tshirt raffles and sticker giveaways were given to the enthusiastic participants so as to complement their awesome learnings from the workshop.

Kudos to Developer Connect Philippines, IBM Philippines and all the participants having a great DevCon weekend!  See you all again in the next DevCon event!