Rails Girls Manila 2015 was a whole day seminar workshop in partnership with Philippine Ruby Users Group (PhRUG) and Microsoft Philippines. Over 35 beautiful lady developers participated in the event lead by Ms. Maricris Nonato a seasoned Ruby Enthusiast. You can view some informations about her on this link http://maricrisnonato.com/


Participants started coming as early as 7:30.


As the clock hits 9:30 the program started.

Mr. Joseph Javier gave the opening remarks and a brief introduction on what DevCon is
all about and other activities or events DevCon has prepared for developers out there.


Mr. Terence Ponce, the community manager of Philippine Ruby Users Group (PhRUG), gave an
overview on what is PhRUG and encouraged everyone on the event to pursue programming in Ruby.



Then Ms. Angelica Carlos, the community relations coordinator of Aelogica shared her
first hand experience on the need of more female Ruby developers in the industry.



After all the opening remarks and introductions Ms. Maricris Nonato started the code camp.
On the first half of the day, Ms. Maricris taught the participants how to create a web app running under Ruby on Rails.



On the second half of the day, Ms. Maricris helped the participants deploy their web
apps in Heroku then guide them in pushing their web apps in Git.


Ms. Maricris helping a participants in her codes.


And on the latter of the day, a mini hackathon was conducted. The participants were instructed to
group by minimum of 2 and maximum of 4. 5 groups finished their web apps on time and presented their programs.


Mini Hackathon winners


The challenge is to create an address book. The ladies did their best to create the
best app possible and it was won by CJ and Mich. Considering that everyone just
learned a new programming language other groups were impressive as well.


Seeing every participant getting engage with the code camp and mini hackathon
shows the success of the event. Ms. Maricris closed the event by encouraging everyone
to get involve with the Rails Girls and the Ruby Community. Judging by the response
you can bet that the girls will be more active in the community.



Hoping to you guys on our next event! 🙂