The next trending technology was exposed last June 6, 2015 as DevCon in partnership with Microsoft Philippines organized the Windows 10 Code Camp.

 An “installation fest” last June 5, 2015 at Microsoft Philippines, Makati at 6 pm was held in order to prepare the participants for the next day. Free Windows 10 Technical Preview installers were given to the registered participants for the said event.

The big day came and Mr. Christopher Misola from Microsoft Philippines has excitingly spilled out the beans on what’s next for Microsoft. Among the remarkable things about Windows 10 as being a Universal Windows Platform which simply put an Operating System for all devices which includes Desktops, Mobile, Xbox, Internet of Things (IoT), Surface Hub and Hololens. This also means that Microsoft Developers could take advantage of the “write once, run everywhere” technology since there is one App Platform to work on which could be deployed to all devices running Windows 10.

Asking on how Microsoft addresses cross-platform to it’s “non-family” devices. Sir Misola tackled bridge technologies as Microsoft announced iOS codes can be used in a Windows App likewise with Android and its support for Web and legacy Win32 Classic Windows Apps (CWA) which can be packaged as Appx. These discussions consumed the morning session of the Windows 10 Code Camp.
Chris Misola sharing the great innovation from Microsoft

Blend, XAML UI and IDE were among the technologies that were demonstrated and discussed by Sir Misola which emphasizes the “how-tos” of creating UI elements for developing Windows 10 Apps. Data binding using Azure, File Storage and creating UI experience using Tiles and Toast for Windows 10 were tackled on a fast track basis.

Sir Chris demonstrating and discussing coding in Windows 10 Visual Studio Development


The discussion pushed through with the Demo on how to work with an “Iot” specifically using Raspberry Pi that logs some sensor readings from a temperature and Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) sensors. Using the Windows 10 Development Platform Sir Misola demonstrated how the IoT can read using an App and data logged in Azure service.

My moment with Sir Chris on sharing about Windows 10 on IOT devices


A mini-hackathon that challenged the participants to utilize Windows 10 Developer Platform was conducted whereas cool prizes like Microsoft and Nokia Jackets and Shirts were given away. The team of Abner Belloga, Adelbert Arzadon and Fernando Abuan was the first to finish the challenge successfully followed by the team of Marlon Dimaunahan, Francis, Escano, Randy Tatad and Wilson Censon on the second rank. Luigi Punzalan, Rene Borigas and Ahirenz Arqieza won the hashtag raffle.
Mini-hackathon Winners
Hashtag Raffle Winners

A mind full of newly acquired knowledge and skills, full tummy and a groupie ended the workshop which left the participants hanging since Windows 10 is certainly an innovation to watch out for.

Godspeed to all who those who made this event possible especially to our generous sponsors, passionate resource speaker, hardworking and dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic participants.

Traditional Groupie


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