Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices. With increasing demand for smartphones and tablets, learning how to create an Android App is surely one of the best pick for developers.


Developers Connect Philippines in partnership with Philippines Android Developers Community (PADC) and Globe Labs, Android Code Camp held at Globe Corporate Showroom in Makati last May 30, 2015 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. It was a whole day worth of Android stuff!


With Google’s latest announcement of cool and exciting new features of Android in Google I/O a couple of days ago, Mr. Mike Cajurao started the event with a video summary about Google I/O 2015. Good start for our participants to be more inspired!


Ms. Haifa Baluyos, the executive director of DevCon Philippines introduced the Philippine Developer Communities to the participants and made them aware of the communities that they can be part of.


Our lead speaker, Mr. Mac Valmores talked about the opportunities in Android Development and how quickly the demand was growing.


He introduced Android Studio to the participants where they can create their very own Android App. After setting up their IDEs, the workshop began with their “Hello World!” Android App, imagine the smiles in the participants’ face when they saw their app running on their Android Devices. It was priceless!


Workshop then continued as Mr. Mac Valmores tackled about Layouts when creating an app from the basics like text views, text boxes, image views, buttons to passing data from one activity to another and so on.


Mr. Mac was also very approachable when discussing everything, in fact, he was the one approaching the participants if they have questions regarding the app! Cool right?

It was a fun and very challenging experience to the participants because after the workshop, there was a Mini Hackathon!

Our participants were told to create an Android App of their own choice and will be judged by DevCon Members.


After two hours of brainstorming, we got five out of many of those who participated the Mini Hackathon and won a DevCon shirt! Congratulations guys!


We believe everyone went home with inspiration and knowledge to build their Android Apps. Who knows, one of them could be the next developer of a huge app like Flappy Bird!