DevBytes is a monthly activity by DevConBai (DevCon Cebu), that serves as a venue for learning what’s the latest in the IT Industry.

For the July 2015 installment, we partnered again with the University of Cebu in delivering game development expertise.

Due to the lack of people with the necessary skillset, game development has yet to gain traction in Cebu. DevConBai aims to empower aspiring game developers by providing the first step towards a career in Digital Game Development. 

The participants had a whole-day hands-on introduction to Unity3D. It is a cross-platform game development engine that allows you to create polished and high-performing 2D and 3D games and interactive content.

The speaker, Kevin Yee, doing a sample Unity3D project

The participants were actively engaged in their Unity3D exercises.

With platforms like Unity3D, individuals are just a click away from creating the next ground-breaking digital game.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event.
Keep the fire burning!