Rain or shine… The enthusiasm to share and to learn made the event pulled through as DevCon in partnership with JumpSparc and Globe Labs tied up in organizing the Arduino Code Camp.

Mr. Mike Cajurao introducing DevCon among the participants

Twenty three (23) professionals and (3) students comprised the workshop session and it was started off by the registration at 1:00 pm and followed by the Introduction to DevCon by Mike Cajurao – the lead for the said event.

Me havin’ a chat with the student participants

Ten (10) Arduino kits were shared by the participants which challenged their teamwork. Propelling the smooth flow of the workshop was done by Mr. Michael Albano from JumpSparc and facilitated by Sir Elymar Apao both from JumpSparc.

Prepin’ the kits for the workshop

FYI for those who are not familiar with Arduino. Arduino is an opensource hardware platform for developing microcontroller based projects. This event is something close to my heart since I’ve been teaching Arduino in both high school and college for quite some time already.

Mr. Michael Albano from JumpSparc discussing Arduino Basics/Parts

Breadboarding and electronics basics were discussed first by Sir Albano which is a requisite knowledge and skill in working on with a microcontroller. The “Hello World” in the microcontroller world is fun for the beginners since they have to program the Arduino to “blink” an LED to at a certain interval using the Arduino IDE.

Followed after was the “Christmas lights” exercise/challege wherein the participants were tasks to assemble additional LEDs to their breadboards and Arduino.

Sir Albamo told us the cool projects that he made using the Arduino interfaced with some sensors and among them were the “Security System”, “Star Heart Snowflake” and “Tap Brew Drink”.

“Looping state mechanism” is a programming technique that uses control structures and loops to control the blinking of the LEDs was taught next by Sir Albano.

The sound of the buzzer and the blinking of LEDs makes the dynamics and energy of the workshop going as the next topic was on working with a “potentiometer”. Controlling the LEDs and monitoring its readings using the “Serial Monitor” utility of the Arduino IDE was indeed so cool.


Sir Nelson Dolot – owner/proprietor of Elec Design Works gave us awesome insights as he demonstrated what more can an “Arduino” do when interfaced with other sensors. He demonstrated how to Shifting numbers in the LED using Arduino.  Using his Demo Unit he showed us how to control an arduino using a mobile device using a Bluetooth or over wifi connections leaving us amazed over the power of IOT.

Sir Dolot demonstrating his Arduino work


Hashtag raffle excites the participants as Globe Labs gave away tumblers as prizes.

Hashtag Raffle Winners


Ms. Erika Gatmaitan – Globe Partners representative sparked our ideas as she promoted the Samsung-Globe Developers Showdown. A chance to win $1000*, and represent the Philippines to win in the SingTel-Samsung Regional Finals in Jakarta are the perks of winning.

Erika Gatmaitan from Globe spilling out the beans about the challenge for the Samsung-Globe Developers Showdown

Groupie ended the workshop as they flashed their smiles as a proof of leaving a spark in their minds about the Arduino Code Camp.

Kudos to all our partners, participants and volunteers who made this event a huge success!