DevCon Summit 2015 will be held on November 13 & 14 (Friday and Saturday) at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. This year's theme is "Go Open Source Philippines!"

We are now accepting proposals for presentations. Each speaking slot will be 45 minutes long including Q&A. 

We are looking for talks related to open source software, but we will also consider other software development-related talks that the audience might find interesting. 

To give you an idea on your potential audience, here's the breakdown of the demographics from the past DevCon Summits:

  • 25% Students
  • 75% Professionals, further broken down to:
    • 70% Developers
    • 15% Working in academia (e.g. professors)
    • 10% Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs
    • 5% Others

This year's setup will also be different: instead of having all of the talks on the stage, we will also be holding different tracks on separate meeting rooms. This means that if you're not yet comfortable to present in front of hundreds of developers, you can choose to present to a smaller audience.

The deadline for submissions is on September 15. The deadline has been extended!