You asked and we listened: The call for presentations for DevCon Summit 2015 has been extended up to September 30!

Early submissions don't go empty-handed, though. Those who have already submitted proposals and those who will submit proposals on or before Sept 15 will have a higher chance of being chosen.

Still on the fence about presenting at the biggest developer conference in the Philippines? Here are some questions we've received from other potential speakers like you:

What do I get if I'm accepted as a speaker?

Speakers get a VIP pass to the 2-day event. This means you get all of the perks of a regular attendee (e.g. food and freebies), and you will also receive special tokens of appreciation from DevCon. In addition, your picture and profile will be featured in the DevCon Summit website and other marketing materials.

What specific open-source related talks are you looking for?

Most of the speaker slots left are for the breakout sessions happening in parallel with the main programme. Here are the topics for each day:

Day 1

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Mobile Development
  • Game Development
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Day 2

  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Security
  • Web Development

You can still submit talks not directly related to the topics above, but they will be prioritized less. 

As mentioned in the original announcement, these sessions will be held in meeting rooms that can hold up to 60 attendees. Speakers will be given 45 minutes to give a presentation and do a quick Q&A.

Take note that Day 1 is a Friday. We expect more students than professionals on that day so beginner to intermediate-level may be better. On the other hand, Day 2 talks will essentially be competing with the main hall speakers so you have to be creative: will you do a beginner-friendly talk to entice students to listen to you, or will you talk about something more advanced to woo the senior developers who want to know if it's the next big thing?

A 60 person audience is too small for me. How I get to speak in the main stage in front of 1,000+ developers?

After some deliberation, we've decided that main speakers will be invite only due to the small amount of slots. 

However, we understand that some invited speakers may not come and others may have to cancel at the last minute, and so we added an option in the form below if you want us to consider your talk for the main hall in case a main speaker slot is vacated.

When will we know if our talk is accepted or not?

We will be sending you an email on October 10 whether you are accepted or not. This will give you more than enough time to prepare and polish your presentation before the Summit.

Use the updated form below to submit your proposal. You can submit 2 talks to increase your chances of getting selected.

CFP is now closed.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at