(Group picture of Attendees, Lecturers and Volunteers)


The 12th of September just became another AWSome day, specially for those who have attended AWS Dev Day Philippines held at iAcadamy Plaza in the heart of Makati City. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), iAcademy and THE NEXT_ SCHOOL. Aspiring developers, seasoned professionals and IT enthusiasts gathered to harness the power of the Cloud and take over the world of computing, using Amazon Web Services of course!




AWS Developer Day is a whole day workshop for developers focusing on Amazon Web Services. AWS is a collection of remote computing services, also called web services that together make up a cloud computing platform in a low cost environment.


"Fail fast, fail cheap, then scale"

Markku Lepistö, our first speaker, and Principal Technology Evangelist of Amazon Web Services, talked about the benefits of using AWS as a cloud provider. With it's wide range of functionalities, Markku gave us a walkthrough using the AWS S3.


(Markku Lepistö of Amazon Web Services)


From doing a live demo of a failover server to doing some sorcery with Arduino, there’s never a dull moment especially when LOTR and Star Wars puns are involved.



Ingest → Store → Process → Analyze

Analytics plays a critical role in Software Development as it allows us to understand variety of users. Identifying patterns can lead to a better decision making thus improving the product. This is what I’ve learned as Olivier Klein, Solutions Architect of Amazon Web Services, gave us an insight on how seamless Amazon Mobile Analytics is used in Game development.



(Olivier Klein of Amazon Web Services)


Games were vastly played nowadays using our mobile devices. From the coolest games like Clash of Clans, Fruit Ninja and Flappy Bird to the classic ones like Needle Jumper, Olivier got us covered as he gave a tutorial on how AWS is utilized in game development. The participants grabbed the chance to ask questions and learn more from our experts in Amazon Web Services. Feel free to browse through the slides shared by Olivier.



(Participant of AWS Dev Day)                                                                          (Haifa with two raffle winners)


Two tickets for the upcoming DevCon Summit:“Go Open Source” were raffled and been given away to these two lovely ladies who were actively using #AWSDay #DevConPH.


(Rowen of Cloudswyft)

Our earliest participant, Rowen, can’t wait to apply what he’ve learned on our workshop but first group-shots and selfies must be made. The event ended for some, but the party was just getting started at the after party held at Bugsy’s bar and bistro where free booze and great ideas were being passed around.



(Jonette Jimenez, Markku Lepistö, Olivier Klein with Haifa Carina and DevCon Volunteers)


This event would never become this AWESOME if it weren't for these cool people. Thank you for geeking out with us! 

Watch this video made by Haru for more info about AWS Dev Day Philippines.