Deltek Code Camp Series: Fabric for Professionals

Deltek Code Camp Series: Fabric for Professionals

Young professionals learn how to automate management tasks in this generous Code Camp Series held by DevCon in partnership with Deltek at their cozy office in the Enterprise Center, after office hours at 6pm, last March 9, 2016.

Coming all the way from Washington DC, Ed Hutner, the Global HR Head had flown a thousand miles away earlier that day just to be able to give the opening remarks for the Deltek Code Camp. That’s how special the attendees are for Deltek!

Mr. Ed Hutner, Global HR Head, giving the opening remarks.

Deltek, as discussed by Ed Hutner, is an international company that caters to huge well-known companies, including those in the Fortune 500. Keeping up with the trends, Deltek is transforming their products and services to the cloud. Happiness is even promised in their company Facebook page. As a growing company aiming to hit the 800 employee mark, interested job hunters are encouraged to look in Job Street to see the full long list of their opening positions.

Do I hear FREE tickets to the next DevCon Summit, the Philippines’ biggest developer conference happening somewhere this year? Oh yes! Anthea Bonifacio, the Lead for this Code Camp, gave a brief introduction of who and what DevCon is, and also encouraged the attendees to sign up as a volunteer in the DevCon website. Volunteering to an event not only gives you the privilege of making an event successful, but it also gives you free access to opportunities for learning the latest trends in technology.

Ms Anthea Bonifacio, Lead for Deltek Code Camp, promoting DevCon.

Leading the Fabric workshop is a man with a whooping 10 years of experience as a system administrator, Mark Par, the Sr. System Administrator for Cloud Operations in Deltek.

Mr Mark Par giving an introduction to Fabric

What is Fabric?

If you are a system administrator or someone who is in charge of a remote computer, then Fabric is for you! Fabric is a python library that lets you execute command line tasks and deploy applications on a remote computer. Fabric lets you upload, download, prompt for user action, and run administrative commands locally and remotely through streamlining in SSH, so it should be secure.

In the full house compact room of Deltek, the workshop was filled with really deep technical terminologies; it was like being teleported to a room filled with Russians talking about Biochemistry. But as expected of the professionals, they were able to follow along as they were not only attentively listening whilst looking at their own laptop screens, but they were also actively participating by asking questions throughout the workshop.

10 questions worth P 15,000: The Game of Throes

Besides the free power bank, notebook, tumblers, and dinner, 3 attendees also have a chance to walk away with P15 000, P10 000, and P7 000! What the attendees only have to do is to write the answers to the 10 Fabric questions as fast and correct as they can.

As soon as the papers were distributed, the aura of the room became intense and exhilarating, so much so that even a laptop was dropped to the floor as soon as a guy got his paper. These professionals sure are a good example to students on how excited they should be when taking exams.

Wow! The test worth P15,000 is open notes, too!

Professionals young and old gets their game faces on.

After all the attendees have submitted their papers, Mark Par checks each test one by one

And the winner is…

For answering the earliest with the most correct points, Julie Ann Alonzo (3rd place), Marco Colliado (2nd place), and Marc Andres (1st place) is happily walking away with the prize money! Congratulations to the winners!

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