It’s graduation season once again, and the graduating students are “excited” to join the professional world. But do they really know what to expect? Do they really know what they are getting themselves into?

Good thing Dexter and John were eager to give them an overview of how is it working in the IT industry.

Dexter Genterone of Acaleph introducing the IT world to the graduating students

The IT world is big. The global IT industry in 2014 was larger than the GDP of Germany. Global IT spending is topping $3.83 trillion. IT is now the backbone of all industries, e.g. media, banking, business, education, medical and transport. IT has changed the way the world works.

As an IT adventurer, you’ll do a lot more than just programming. Dexter enumerated several roles involved in the IT industry, from writing code, to managing infrastructure, to managing teams — the choices are plenty.

Dexter also emphasized the concept of a T-shaped person.

The vertical line represents the depth of expertise in a single field, while the horizontal bar is the ability to collaborate and apply knowledge from other fields.

John Del Rosario, co-founder of Collabspot, talking about the pros and cons of startup companies

Aside from the different roles an IT professional can become, there are also several career paths one can take. You can work for big corporations or small-medium enterprises. You can also explore working for startups or even starting your own. Freelancing is also an option. You should take into consideration the positive and negative aspects before you decide where you’ll work or who you’ll work for.

The participants also had the opportunity to learn Python and Go.

John conducting the Python workshop

Python is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted and dynamic programming language, with a high emphasis on code readability. This allows programmers to express thoughts and ideas in fewer lines of code.

Impromptu Go workshop by Dexter exclusively for BSIS students

Go is an open source programming language created at Google. Go makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Thank you Dexter and John for sharing your experiences in the IT industry, and thank you UC Banilad for always being an avid host for DevCon events.

Ms. Moma Ortega, IT Chairman of UC Banilad, received a certificate of appreciation for her support of Campus DevCon events

The IT industry is both fun and challenging. Cooperation can make things less difficult. So always remember to "Sync, Support and Succeed!"