As part of the advocacy of DevCon which is to “Inspire, Support, Sync and Succeed”, DevCon has organized the “Javascript Code Camp” which was held last April 2, 2016 at the Microsoft Corporate Showroom, Makati, Philippines.

Based from the registration record, thirty eight (38) students from different colleges and universities participated the said event.

Mr. Josef Monje – a Python specialist from KLab Scorpions2 served as the resource speaker. The workshop kick started with the review/introduction of web development amongst the students who have no prior knowledge about wed development essentials particularly HTML/HTML5 and CSS. The morning session was fueled with motivation given the coding challenge named “FIZZ BUZZ”.


The afternoon session was fueled with new knowledge and skills by learning on how to use javascript and basic jquery. The code challenge followed which aims at creating a resume website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery.

In line with the code challenge, presentation of outputs was held which guided the assigned judges to pick the winner of the hackathon.


Cool prizes were given away to the winners of the early birds, social media and hackathon winners.

Groupie ended up the workshop.

Overall the event was a huge success as it left the student participants with take home knowledge and skills that they will certainly be of use in their career in the near future.


Kudos to the DevCon Officers, Lead and Volunteers and speaker for the success of this event!



Link to the Gallery of this event here.

Link to Sir Monje’s lecture here