The Ruby on Rails Code Camp, held on April 30, 8am to 5pm, was able to train 40 young and old professionals Ruby on Rails basics at the Microsoft Office.

Just like any code camp, the participants were oriented of Devcon led by Krishia Ellis, in attempt to broaden its cause and also to find more volunteers. You can be a volunteer here

Helping to make the Code Camp more awesome, Netsuite gave out freebies and promoted its organization.


With his 4 years of professional Ruby experience, it is guaranteed that Terence Ponce gave a quality programming workshop. Terence is currently a Ruby developer for Promise Pay and is an active community manager of the Philippine Ruby Users Group.


What is Ruby on Rails

If you are a web developer, Ruby on Rails can be for you. If you’re a beginner, you might see Ruby on Rails as magic, using a single keyword can execute a lot of code in the background. The reason for that is because Ruby on Rails is opinionated programming in that it is believed that there is the “best” way to do things; this eliminates typing the base codes or codes written again and again, this results to writing less code while accomplishing more.


Terence, explaining every folder generated upon starting a project in Ruby on Rails. At the start it can be overwhelming, but in the long run, code will be easier to understand because it is cleaner and more organized this way.

After a short introduction, Terence quickly got the participants feet wet with hands on coding. In less than four hours, the participants accomplished setting up the development tools, starting a new project, creating a database wherein the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Destroy) function for the tables are auto generated, and my personal favorite, getting the list of the routes that you can easily get for RESTful APIs (GET, POST, etc. links).

Not only were the participants was taught Ruby on Rails, but they were also introduced to starting their Git repository and was even able to deploy their application in Heroku, and all that happened before lunch time!

Hmmm. What’s for lunch? It’s Jo-Ruby!


Participants’ stomachs are RoR-ing.


The hunger struggle is Rail.

After lunch, the workshop grinding continues. With special guest appearance of Bryan Bibat, president of Devcon and carrying 10 years of Software Development experience, Bryan was able to supplement the workshop by giving clarifications and adding on the Terence’s answers.

Quick merienda time!

In the end, the participants were able to develop a cool app where a user is able to vote from a list of Topics in a Bootstrap themed website.




Like baby birds learning how to fly, participants where pushed out of their nests during the Mini Hackathon. Terence tasked the participants individually to add finishing touches to their apps by adding it with a list of features. The first 3 to finish this challenge gets to walk home with prizes!



Congratulations to the following:

Mini Hackathon winners LTR: Ashley Solomon (3rd place & Facebook hashtag winner), ­Lance Vincent (2nd place), and Daryll Maliksi (1st place & Instagram hashtag winner)


Twitter hashtag winner: Alpha Warris


Netsuite winner: Marie Chris Ayes


Earlybird: Sean Valencia


Group “Wacky” shot.

Thanks for dropping by this week’s Code Camp. For those who wasn’t able to attend, here is the link for the complete guide that Terence used for the workshop; but of course, you don’t have to read all that if you were able to attend. See you again for the next code camps. Visit for more upcoming events!