The Mobile HTML5 Code Camp held last May 28, 2016, housed more than 40 developers in the PLDT Innolab.


Starting this week’s Code Camp is John Christian Marquez, with his quick orientation of what DevCon is to the participants.


Josef Monje, an expert in KLab Cyscorpions, lead the training for the HTML5 Code Camp. Although invited as a last minute speaker, Josef was able to answer through all the shortcomings and surprise challenges of the participants using his expertise.


Independent Study

One thing special about this code camp is that there were no slides or presentation shown; it was mostly Josef giving a quick description of the next topic and instructing the developers to visit w3schools for source codes for implementing the Video, Geolocation and Map, Canvass, and other common web features.

Josef mentors participants one by one.


Having no slides in a Code Camp actually has its advantages! This mostly applies to this Saturday’s HTML5 session.  Being one of the fastest technologies to evolve with a lot of existing frameworks, web developers have to learn to catch up on their own and what better way to let them swim or sink on their first day? Just kidding, we won’t let them sink of course, Josef is here to guide them and set a good foundation. 


Merienda time!



For this Code Camp’s hackathon, participants were tasked to create a website using a mixture of technologies that were taught. Below are some of the cool apps the participants developed.





Congratulations to the all the winners and thank you all for coming! For more DevCon events, like us on Facebook!