HTML5 Code Camp for Games happened last June 18, 2016 at Globe Telepark – Valero. With over 30 participants, everyone had a fun and challenging weekend.

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Charles Gifford Relleta

The program was started by Charles Gifford Relleta, with a brief introduction about DevConPh.

You may also join DevConPH as volunteer.

Andrea Levinge, the Technical Director of White Widget, was the speaker for the morning session. She highlighted HTML5 as one of the good choices when it comes to game development because it can be deployed anywhere and can run on most devices.

She shared sample games to the participants. Try them here.

But the highlight of the morning session was the code-along where she taught the students on how to create a simple ping pong game.

Andrea Image Here

Image Here

The participants were taught step by step starting from putting up the court as background, rendering the ball, moving the ball, having the pc as an opponent and adding a scorecard.

It seems the participants can’t get enough of making their ping pong games better that some of them continued coding during lunch break.

Lunch Time!

Lunch Image Here 1

Lunch Image Here2

Lunch Image Here 3

Lunch Image Here 4

Lunch Image Here 5

Lunch Image Here 6

Afternoon Session

Christian Image here

The afternoon session was lead by Christian Smithroat, intern of White Widget from Stetson University, Florida. He discussed HTML Canvas and Web GL.

Christian shared some of his projects using Web GL. He also shared some other cool animations. You may try them here.

His code-along activity taught the participants to create a cube and make it move.

Mini Hackathon
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Freebies and Awarding
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