The DevCon Devise had it’s 2nd year of awarding held last Feb 04, 2017 at PLDT TelTEC Innolab, Mandaluyong City. This years contest theme was on Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness. With this, students from different schools from around the country were challenged to pitch in their ideas on how to solve the given issue via the development of mobile applications.

medals and prices 

It was a tight competition. Out of the 23 teams competing with their submitted entries, ten(10) were chosen as finalists and with the sponsor from Motorola Solutions Foundation Philippines, this years competition is proving to be of great motivator to help the Filipino youth in stepping in and innovating new ways to improve the life in the country in ways only they can.

Judges  At the day of the finals and awarding ceremony. The ten(10) chosen finalist were obligated to pitch in and discuss their developed application in which well accredited judges were chosen to evaluate each project. Namely, Ms. Jane Coo (2nd to the last right), Country Sales Manager of Motorola Foundation Solutions Philippines; Mr. Benj Mikko Adrian Tupas (3rd from the right), CEO and Founder of Funbuddies; Mr. Carlo Valencia (2nd to the last left), CEO of Klaseko; Mr. Ren Joshua Ramirez (3rd from the left), VP Marketing of DevCon Philippines & Software Engineer of Accenture Philippines.

At the beginning of the event, Ms. Jane Coo of Motorola Foundation Solution Philippines kick-started the match with her rousing opening remarks followed by DevCon President, Mr. Bryan Bibat, discussion on the guidelines and criteria for judging.

Each contestant was given 5 min to discuss their works and another 5 min to answer the judges questions.

The first one up was Team Semi-Colon from STI Global City with their disaster aiding application called, “Mobot”, it features the integration of both audio and visual to explain on what to do when faced with an emergency.


The next up is Team Baste from San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Manila with their application called, “e-Hands”, a Community-centric app with both online and offline functions to aid victims in an emergency.

The third(3rd) one to present was from University of the Philippines Diliman, Team UP Center for Student Innovation, with their app called, “RefuGEO”, it used the chikka messenger API integrated with features such as Managing resources properly, ways on how to evacuate efficiently and viewing of calamity trends through the use of twitter.

The fourth(4th)one up was Team In-Code-Ables, from the University of the Philippines Diliman, with their app called, “Impulse”. Unlike most of the previous entries team in-code-ables’ app focuses on aiding a victim with the help of an able-body that may be present at the vicinity. This is made possible with it’s features like Pulse Checker, which is used to know the vital info of the victim and Pulsifier used to contact and inform the love ones of the victim.

The fifth(5th)to demonstrate their work was from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Team Raid, with their app simply called as “Raid”. This app developed to resemble a first person simulated game was designed to aid players on what to do when faced with natural disasters.

With the end of the first half of the app showcasing and judging. The venue had a short break and was catered by another sponsor, Vanilla All Spice Catering. After the short break the other half of the finalists were obliged to prepare.

The sixth(6th)one was Team Kratos, from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, with their app called, “Gaia”, it’s feature includes newsfeed via twitter; speech instructions for first aid; Missing person list generator; Send signal.

The seventh(7th) to showcase their app was from Jose Rizal University, Team Kubo Hideout. They have developed an app called, “Ready VR”, this app features emergency preparation and instruction based system using VR Technology.

The eight(8th) was Team ETL from University of the Philippines Manila, their app is called, “Extend the Life”, a first aid vehicle request app.

The ninth(9th) was eTeam, from Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite. With their app cleverly named, “Appwareness”, an app for social good and preparedness. It utilizes the following features: Notification of upcoming disaster; Lifeline kits preparation; Real-time update of infos and utility tools.

The last but definitely not the least came all the way from Davao, Team Davao Dev Squad, from the University of Southeastern Philippines with their app called, “SOS App”, an automatic mobile SMS help and emergency detector. It utilizes the speech API to protect the users whenever in a given danger. This is done through sending an SMS notification to authorities when the app running in the background recognizes a specific voice command.

With all of the amazing entries brought up and demonstrated by the students, it was high time to determine the winners.





The third place with an average of 89% was, Team Davao Dev Squad, with their “SOS app”, was given P20,000 with freebies and medals.












The second place to get the award with an average of 92.5% was, E-Team, with their, “Appwareness App” and was given P30,000 with freebies and medals.











And the team who gets to take home the bacon with the average of 97% was Team Semi-colom, with their “Mobot App”. They were awarded the grand total prize of P50,000 and was also given freebies and medals for their great work.











With the conclusion of the competition, Ms. Haifa Carina lowered the curtains on the event with her closing remarks as well as her jaunty speech of appreciation for all of the finalists, judges, sponsors and the overall team of DevCon.