The hot weather and the time of the event did not hinder students from different schools and their teachers to participitate in the Campus DevCon held at La Salle University. The center of the gymnasium was almost half full as participants gathered to join and witness the event. As this was the last day of the University’s ICT week, and also their first time to team up with DevCon, everyone was very excited.

As the lightning talks started, every person listened intently as to what the speakers can share, and participated in every activity that was offered to them.

Students got better insights on how to properly structure their project so that file navigation and management will be a lot easier. A student affirmed the importance of this especially if a project is to be done by a group. They also learned the importance of designing a good UI and UX for their projects that would satisfy the customer’s needs. For students who want to build applications fast, and with less backend coding, the talk about Firebase left them amazed on how much they can focus only on the frontend and less on the back. The last talk about virtual reality was one of the participants’ most awaited. Insights regarding the uses of VR, and some development tips were shared to them. The participants watched in awe as a live demonstration of VR was shown to them.

Birds of a Feather followed with a topic regarding Facebook being good or bad. Two teams volunteered to participate in the informal debate and engaged in fiery but friendly exchange of ideas. But the team who was firm with their stand on Facebook being bad commanded and gained control of the debate; and due to their confidence and presentation of arguments was chosen as the winner.

The event was made even more lively by the ecstatic emcee who gave numerous hugots for the developers. One of which would be, “Mao nang masakitan ka kay tig gamit ka ug Git pero dili ka kabalo mo commit”. Well, if you’re not a Git user, here’s another one, “Sakit kaayo ba kay gi switch na gani ka, gi break pa gyud ka”.

At the culmination of the event, everyone gathered for a photo op. The photo does not merely resemble a simple gathering; rather, it is a memorable gathering of a new-found family whose ties will not weaken despite the distance. One participant shared his hugot, “Dili man unta ko semicolon… Pero nganong imo man gyapon ko gaka limtan?” Well, this will not be the case of DevCon CDO for we will always remember this wonderful partnership with La Salle University.