Git Code Camp, which was held on March 11, 2017 at the Globe Labs Corporate Showroom in Makati, aims to educate students/young professionals (most especially aspiring software developers) on how to use the currently popular Version Control System (VCS) software Git.
Created by the famous Linus Torvalds in 2005, Git provides intuitive version control used primarily for software development projects. The said software is extremely useful for tracking development changes, team collaboration and project distribution.
The Git Code Camp event started off with lead volunteer Ace Lobos, an active freelance developer. Ace gave a short introduction about DevCon (who we are and our upcoming events).
Afterwards, Jonah Mananghaya, Community Manager at Globe Labs, gave an introduction about Globe Labs to the participants – giving a brief talk about API's, what it stands for, and showcased some API's available from Globe Labs.
The main code camp was then led by Joseph Kim Javier, Software Engineer at Yondu and Devcon Social Media OIC. He shared several key information regarding Git, which includes installation, hosting providers, and more importantly on how to use the said VCS software.
Also included in his talk was a brief introduction regarding the UNIX platform and commands, since majority of web hosting providers uses UNIX or Linux-based systems instead of Windows.
Sir Joseph assisting the students on the ongoing talk/workshop
Like many DevCon code camps, we also had a mini-hackathon code camp ready for the event.
Of course, the main theme of the hack is all about Git. And its a race between teams to complete their tasks.
Participants at the mini-hackathon event
And as with every hackathon, there's always going to be a winner. So congratulations to Team Anonymouse for winning our Git Code Camp mini-hackathon.
Congratulations to Chi Shing Kent Jonathan, Michael Daryl Mayo & John Edel Tamani for winning the mini-hackathon. They get free DevCon t-shirts
All in all, everyone goes home happy at the event with their newfound skill.
Thanks to all the participants as well as the volunteers for making the Git Code Camp a success.
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