Developed with an aim for students to learn about Python basics and Django, PYTHON Code Camp transpired last March 18 at the Olx Philippines Headquarters located at Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

In partnership with Python PH community, DevCon has brought forth yet another avenue for over 30 students from different universities in the Metro to walk through the wonders of what Python has to offer.


Kicking off the seminar, DevCon PH Vice-President for Marketing RJ Ramirez shared about the vision and advocacies of DevCon. 


Olx. Ph Software Engineer Ridvan Baluyos also graced the event to impart a brief welcome remark for the Python Code Campers.


As a warm-up, Python.PH co-founder Micaela Reyes talked about the Opportunities in Python Development (or what's in it for you if you decide to learn Python)


Officially flipping the switch on for the Python workshop proper, Titanium Technologies Software Engineer Jethro Guce sets the crowd mood for a short course on Python Basics & Flask.


Expressing his love for Python, Mr. Guce shared that, "What I love about Python is that it is strict with writing beautiful codes, it always urges you to write beautiful codes unlike other languages that only require you to make your code run. With Python, it has to be beautiful. And the whitespaces and the community – those are my favorite parts about Python."

Shortly after Mr. Guce's talk, Python.PH co-founder Matt Lebrun spiced up the event with a workshop on Django entitled “Minimal Django:  A Tutorial without the Bloat” which was then followed with a mini hackathon where Bianca Camille Silmaro  was announced as the winner.


To cap off the event, DevCon PH conducted a mini talk show with Python.PH co-founders Mr. Matt Lebrun and Ms. Micaela Reyes where they further shared insights about Python and the opportunities that it open for individuals who immerse themselves to learning this language. 

Asked about why students should learn more about Python, Mr. Lebrun said that "Personally, I think Python is a more effective way of introducing concepts of programming compared to other more strict programming languages because with Python, it's very easy to get into;  it's a dynamic interpreted programming language so, instead of thinking too much about syntax or following a certain programing language's structure, you can just focus on expressing code logic, workflow, and such."

Furthermore, Mr. Lebrun and  Ms. Reyes shared that "Python has a very diverse use-case however, in general,  with all these industries that are trending like cyber security, building web and mobile applications, building servers, design patterns —  as a student, these concepts will be beneficial  for you to understand how operating systems work; understand how networks work; understand the process of building a software; knowing how to set-up your own development machine; and configure a server. All these things will actually help you once you graduate and start looking for a job.”

Softly spoken about, Python is a programming language developed by a programmer named Guido Van Rossum in year 1991. In an article published in,  Python is said to be named after a 1970’s comedy show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” which Rossum himself was apparently a fan of.

Django, on the other hand is a high-level web framework written in Python. To casually put it, it is a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines as defined by


Photos taken by: Jem Atienza