Ruby-on-Rails Code Camp (Student Edition) officially kicked off on March 25, 2017 at the Penbrothers co-working space in Makati – and it was a HUGE success.

With more than 50+ participants, majority being graduating students from different universities, they are into a good position to begin their professional careers as software developers.
And that's to no surprise; Ruby-on-Rails (or RoR as its commonly abbreviated) is one of the most popular and stable web frameworks – with plenty of career opportunities throughout the world.
Elross John Pangue, Business Development Lead at QWIKWIRE, started off the event with the usual DevCon introduction – like introducing who we are and our upcoming events.
Along the way, Bryan Hosingco, Penbrothers Marketing and Community Manager, introduced the official venue partner for the event: Penbrothers.

Penbrothers is a co-working company based in Makati that offers reasonable rates to startup companies – and we quote: "Cost advantage is the principal value at Penbrothers. By understanding the challenges startups constantly face and the reasons to their failures, Penbrothers sought out an action to aid expanding organizations with talent management and manning services so that clients can concentrate on their business to the core."
You can learn more about Penbrothers at this link.
To officially start and facilitate the RoR code camp was Terrence Ponce, VP Tech for Devcon and Software Engineer at Assembly Payments. 

Terrence gave the participants essential information to begin their Ruby-on-Rails journey: From installation, setup and basic commands to creating a sample working CRUD (create-read-update-delete) application. All of these topics were covered even before lunch came.
Participants were engrossed during the Ruby-on-Rails Code Camp
And such is the power of Ruby-on-Rails; The said framework gives developers the power to create real-life applications in but the shortest amount of time. We even conducted a short interview to Terrence on how to best describe the advantages of using the said framework.
Interview with Mr. Terrence, the RoR Code Camp main speaker
You can check out the full interview video here.
Our president, Bryan Bibat, also helped assist the students during the code camp. With 12+ years of development experience, he's no stranger to the Ruby-on-Rails framework. His participation proved to be invaluable for participants having some difficulty during the code-camp.
DevCon President, Mr. Bryan Bibat helping participants during the Code Camp
And its no DevCon code camp without a mini-hackathon at the end.  For this event, the participants are tasked to create a simple CRUD application, albeit more complex than the one created during the workshop.
Of course, those who finished earliest will emerged victorious. So congratulations to John Paul Mendoza, Martin Jego Alberto, Ryan Paul Gozum & Gerald Roy Campanano for winning the RoR mini-hackathon.

Still, with free food, DevCon tshirts and most importantly – newfound knowledge using the Ruby-on-Rails framework, I guess its safe to say everyone goes home a happy camper from the event.
Thanks to all the participants, speakers as well as the volunteers for making the Ruby-on-Rails Code Camp a success.
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