Although it rained for almost the whole week in Cebu, the sun was out on Saturday, April 8. The weather was just right to have a productive day. After weeks of meetings, the DevCon Cebu Team finally put their plans into action.

The University of Cebu – Banilad Campus was again very gracious for allowing us to conduct the code camp at their computer laboratory.


The volunteers woke up early to have a quick team hustle and to set-up the venue. They were enthusiastic and ready to welcome the attendees.

We were extra-concerned with the attendees, thus we placed guides to assist in looking for the venue.

Room 804 was all set to accommodate the participants. Thanks to the working students of UC Banilad for being present to lend us a helping hand.

The host for the day, Ezra, welcomed the participants and opened the event.

DevConCebu’s Chapter Head, Val, introduced the participants to DevConPh.

Even though he was feeling under the weather, the speaker, Cyrus, was still dedicated to share his Python knowledge.

During the morning session, the basics of Python were discussed. The participants were instructed to set-up their development environment and also install Pycharm.

At lunch, the code campers munched on some pizza pie(thon).


In the afternoon session, the participants were still energized as they delved into socket programming. A simple chat app was developed at the end of the code camp. The attendees had a few laughs as they playfully interacted with each other “anonymously”.

What is a DevConPh event without some prizes? At the end of the day, some exceptional participants were rewarded.

Justin got a bag for being the earliest bird.

For answering the speaker’s question, Joshua also got a freebie .

Just by being helpful to his co-participants, Max got rewarded also.

Thanks to all the participants, the volunteers and the speaker for making the code camp successful.

Thanks also to the University Of Cebu – Banilad Campus for always being an accommodating host of DevConCebu events.

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