Made possible by DevCon community together with WordPress User Group Philippines (WPUGPH), a WordPress Code Camp for professionals took place last April 22 at the Bitspace, Makati City.

The camp catered to a bunch of tech-savvies which include fresh graduates and IT professionals who have either been WordPress enthusiasts since its establishment or were merely interested to learn more about what the platform has to offer.


Being the event lead, Ms. Arcel Vocales formally introduced DevCon and its aspirations among the participants.

Web Developer Mr. Andrew Garcia of WordPress User Group PH perked up the participants with a tutorial on adding galleries in WordPress without the use of plugins.

Web Engineer  Dreb Bitanghol of WordPress User Group PH on the other hand, shared about Theme Development in WordPress.

Good themes improve engagement with your website’s content”, Mr. Bitanghol shared.

Full stack WordPress Web Developer Mr. Carl Alberto discussed about WordPress structure and custom-post types.

Mr. Alberto expressed during his talk that there is more to WordPress than just a blogging platform.

Mini hackathon winners Marco Caballero, Erik Bangug, Jayrome Balicol, and Marlon Nob during a photo-opp with the code camp event lead and speakers.

[L-R: Mr. Carl Alberto, Mr. Marco Caballero, Mr. Andrew Garcia, Ms. Arcel Vocales, and Mr. Dreb Bitanghol.]

[L-R: Mr. Carl Alberto, Mr. Andrew Garcia, Mr. Erik Bangug, Ms. Arcel Vocales, and Mr. Dreb Bitanghol.]

[L-R: Mr. Dreb Bitanghol., Mr. Jayrome Balicol,  Mr. Andrew Garcia, Ms. Arcel Vocales, and Mr. Carl Alberto.]

[L-R: Mr. Marlon Nob, Mr. Andrew Garcia,  Ms. Arcel Vocales, Mr. Dreb Bitanghol, and Mr. Carl Alberto.]

Content photos by: Nia Mediavillo
Thumbnail photo by: Elaine Romero