It’s been almost a week or two and I am just so glad to be FINALLY blogging about this! Today, I will be talking about what went on at the IONIC CAMP 2017 for Professionals last May 6, 2017, in partnership with

We set up stations for our tech-savvy IT professionals, as we wait for all to come. In this photo the Registration Station registered all the participants. Of course the food was already laid out for everyone to consume anytime they felt like it.

We officially started our program by sharing our goals and aspirations, with our very own dedicated lead, Mr Jose Marie Antonio Miñoza, Volunteer Member of DevCon Philippines.

After which we moved along to Ms. Julie Bulaklak’s part of giving a gist about as a leading web address with leading products set to drive global growth. I am so excited to try this awesome web hosting.

Then followed by our Ionic Framework hunk-guru Mr. Tristan Babasa, teaching about the framework and his desire to remind the participants of their own strategies and skills, along with practical tips on how to juggle with all the rest of coding.

The Social Media Winners! String bags and stickers were given away. Our winners were Rem Lampa, Jung Torralba and Jordan Balintac. I had read those post something witty during the code camp event.

Then we gave away a DevCon shirts and stickers for the mini-Hackaton Winners! John Paul Belga, Pepito Raviz and Jordan Balintac. The coolest session of this event.

And before we finally wrapped up our whole program we made sure to express our gratitude first, Our God, Jesus Christ, who is the secret formula of the success of this code camp. Second, to all the participants coming and lastly, to our sponsors and the whole DevCon Philippines Community team behind the making of this event made possible.

I just can’t wait to see for more code camps. Because the point of this DevCon code camp is to provide an avenue for soon to be IT professional and practitioners to learn, teach, reach and share new skills and knowledge.

So to all who are waiting for news and updates, tune to our devcon page. So to all our participants, supporters and volunteers see you again!



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