The HTML5 for Games Code Camp was held last June 24 2017 at PLDT Innolab, 721 Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City.

This event was organized by Developers Connect (DevCon) Philippines, a volunteer organization that promotes collaborative growth and global competence of Fiipino developers, with its venue partner, PLDT InnoLab, platinum sponsor, Accenture Philippines, and partner organization, IGDA Manila.



The successful event, attended by over 20 participants, aimed to teach both students and professionals the basics of HTML5 for games using the Phaser framework.

The code camp kicked off with an introduction to the organization by Mr. Syd Evangelista, the event lead for HTML5 for Games Code Camp.



Ms. Nicole Bautista, a representative of our venue partner, introduced PLDT InnoLab to the audience.



The recruitment team of Accenture Philippines, led by Ms. Marj Hernani, also introduced Accenture, highlighting job opportunities and applications for the company. They set up a booth in the venue for participants to register and to win prizes as well.



Afterwards, the main speaker of the event, Mr. Niccolo Manahan of Secret 6 and IGDA Manila, started the code camp with a brief introduction of himself and set expectations on what participants will learn after the event. He then introduced Phaser, the framework that will be used in the code camp.



Part of the code camp was a mini-hackathon, an avenue where participants can showcase the skills they learned in the event. The final product of the mini-hackathon should be an improved version of the Arkanoid game they created while learning Phaser, while meeting certain specifications.

The participants were very engaged in creating and designing their own games. The code camp even became a record-breaker when all participants were able to submit their outputs. The speaker was impressed on the dedication and skills shown by the participants, considering the short amount of time they were given to complete the mini-hackathon.



Two participants were proclaimes as winners of the hackathon: Roan Contreras and Jon Hans. They both presented impressive versions of the game, adding in new features and cool designs. Each received a DevCon shirt as a prize. The early bird winner of the event, Bowwi Katigbak, also received a DevCon shirt.



Social media winners for the event each received a lanyard from DevCon while raffle prize winners of Accenture Philippines received the company merchandise.



The event was such a huge success and couldn't be possible without the speaker, Mr. Manahan, the DevCon volunteers, the venue partner and sponsor, and of course, the participants, with their hardwork and dedication making this event record-breaking.



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