Java Code Camp for professions just launched without hitch (almost ?) this Saturday on September 2, 2017 at VentureSpace PH in Mandaluyong. 
Part one (1) of the two (2) Code Camps dedicated to Java – yes there's two Code Camps for Java as due to the immense demand for the programming language. Not only that – we have three (3) sponsors for the event, namely Virtela, Kalibrr and Accenture.
To start of the event is an introduction by our very own DevCon lead Arcel Vocales, a front-end developer at Greatfeat Services Inc. As a lead volunteer, she introduced who DevCon is, what we do and who we are, as well as take charge in organizing the whole event.
After the introduction, Ben Segovia, introduced Virtela, one of our sponsors.
Virtela (as quoted from their site), is an NTT Communications Company, the smart alternative for enterprise networking and virtualized IT services.
"We deliver award-winning services via our Virtualized Overlay Network and Virtela Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC) platform, with Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) strategically located around the world. This eliminates the complexity and expense of having multiple networking devices at each customer branch office."
You can check out more from Virtela by visiting their website at
Also to introduce themselves are Kalibrr – Where Jobs Find You. With the introduction led by Kristina, Kalibrr aims to "transform the way candidates find jobs and companies hire talent"
With over 4000+ jobs available from top firms such as ALVEO, St. Lukes Medical Center, Sun Life Financial and many more, Kalibrr is definitely an appealing platform to job-seekers and potential employers. You can check out more from their website at https:/
Lastly, before we introduce our main speaker, are our two remaining sponsors for the event.
VentureSpace PH, our venue partner, is a place to "imagine, design, collaborate, build, incubate, and turn ideas into successful business ventures".  They provided DevCon and its participants the space necessary to conduct this code camp. 
They are located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. You can check more from their website at
And Accenture, one of the event's sponsor, provided the participants with tons of freebies to give away (including tumblers, neck pillows, and lighting bubble speaker). 
Represented by Lara Carlos, they are also in the lookout to hire new talents, so definitely check them out at
Now unto the good part – The main code camp, led by speaker Michael Lance Domagas, a Web Developer at SAS Institute Inc.
As an introduction, he gave the participants a quick introduction of the programming language, Java (and what made it so popular). He also gave examples of famous firms and programs using Java (like the Arduino IDE and Accenture for instance).
And for the workshop portion in the morning, he gave basic coding introductions using Java as well as a quick exercise to engage the participant's learning.
An as usual from a DevCon Code Camp, there's a mini-hackathon. For today, the participants are required to implement their own version of the merge-sort functionality.
It was a difficult challenge for our participants – yet regardless some were able to conquer it still. For the few that stood out, congratulations! They are today's winners for the mini-hackathon.
And as with every code camp, there's really no loser here; everyone has something to bring home with them (primarily their new-found knowledge). So congratulations to everyone who participated in today's Java Code Camp Part 1!
Also thanks to the volunteers of DevCon who helped organized and make the event a success. May we be blessed with more successful code camps!
For those who want to learn more about DevCon, you can visit us at or like us on our offical Facebook page.