The student organization officers and DevCon volunteers were as busy as the streets of Manila while the room filled by the influx of IT and CS students of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, getting ready for the PLM Campus Devcon – held at The Bukod Tanging Bulwagan, Gusaling Katipunan on a warm yet gloomy day of September 22, 2017.

PLM students waiting for the event to start.

Before the event started, students were challenged with different games to hype them up and charge their energies to be spent in an interactive as well as informative talk.

Students playing the famous ‘Hep hep hooray’.

Ms. Mariel Althea Nava, the event lead, then introduced and explained what Developers Connect PH is as well as its advantages along with her firsthand experience stories.

Ms. Mariel Althea Nava, the event lead

Kalibrr student brand ambassador, Mr. Johann Paul Alpapara, presented Kalibrr – a recruiting application. He stated the convenient features of the said application that may someday be used by the students after they have achieved in claiming their diplomas.

Mr. Johann Paul Alpapara, Kalibrr student brand ambassador

The first speaker was Mr. Dhenn Espiritu, whom showed emphasis on choosing career paths, shared his knowledge about the technological industry and helped the students to know how to cope up with the pressure of fulfilling their dreams.

Mr. Dhenn Espiritu

As a writer, speaker, and a software engineer at DXC Technology, he ought to make the students understand the difference between practicality and passion. His talk entitled ‘Career Crossover: from where you are from to where you should be’, exhibited the components of one’s Ikigai: passion, mission, vocation, and profession; to achieve personal and career satisfaction.

Next, he told the students the three steps used in determining your choice of career:

  1. Discover – one must go back in time and reminisce his wants during his childhood to unveil what he is truly passionate of.
  2. Decide – deciding is a critical step in choosing careers thus one must use his head to have a vision and learn to focus, his hands to spend more time crafting his skills, and his heart to know if he is willing and dedicated to do his job.
  3. Direction – this step is where one must choose one or more career paths that may consist of the following: freelancing, entrepreneurship, or employment.

As a result, he made the students realize the essence of living by asking oneself “Why do I live?” and ended the talk with a quote “You can only change the world by letting God change you.”.

The second speaker, Mr. Ericson Luciano, a UI designer at Agentbox, poured out his knowledge about design that truly helped the student who are currently undergoing through their thesis projects. He told them the common problem faced nowadays when designers use CSS as a stylesheet language thus they may encounter organizational problems due to rapid growth of websites.

Mr. Ericson Luciano

Then, he introduced SASS (Synthetically Awesome Style Sheets) and all of its fundamentals – definitions, installation guidelines, functionalities, and advantages over CSS. In addition, he also stated its basics like variables, nesting of functions up to maximum of three levels, partials, mixins, inheritance, and etc.

According to him, students must choose their own adventures when they design. He also gave a list of resources and websites in where one can learn how to fiddle with such as: codeschool, codeacademy, bookapart,,,,, and others.

The last speaker, Mr. Jez Reel Maghuyop, a full stack web developer at Magenic, shared his know-hows as he talked about “Software Developer as a Career”. To begin with, he identified some of his own reasons on why venturing in a software development career is worth the risk:

  • Very diverse – its diversity is a way to a wide array of opportunities on terms of technology and profession.
  • Constant learning – because of the rapid evolution of technology, developers are expected to constantly learn the new trends thus giving them edge among other professions.
  • Lots of challenges –  software development pushes the developers into problem-solving and exercising their logic in programming.
  • Lots of opportunity.

Mr. Jez Reel Maghuyop

He also stated that IT-related jobs are one of the top 10 highest paying profession in the Philippines. Additionally, words of encouragement to these students were also advised and expressed that one must find what and where he is truly passionate of in order to achieve pinnacle.

The last part of his discussion is the list of tips guiding to an effective software developer:

  1. Learn the Basics
  2. Know your math
  3. Know your learning pattern
  4. Learn to ask for help and when to ask; learn to take a break
  5. Communication is key – English is a must
  6. Be optimistic
  7. Join forums or be in a community
  8. Be open-minded but don’t try to learn them all
  9. Always treat yourself as a student
  10. Be passionate and love your work

Student asks questions to the speaker

Event freebies


After the informative discussions of the eloquent speakers, the students were asked to have six volunteers to participate in an interactive debate, Birds of Feather, answering the question: Has technology made humans lazier?

Two teams were formed: one answering YES and the other was NO.

YES team

YES team argued that they do agree because according to them, technology lessens the self-actualization of humans, learning also stops, urges one to be lazy by searching everything over the web thus dismissing the importance of libraries. Another is that humans tend to spent more time using their social media accounts rather than using the wasted time into something productive. Lastly, there may be reliability issues when humans get their references online.

NO team

The NO team on the other hand, reasoned that technology gave humans benefits by providing them accurate and efficient contents. Also, when it comes to reliability, they stated that it is one’s responsibility to check and prove if the references are legitimate. In conclusion, humans’ laziness is not the effect of technology but rather than the humans themselves.

The crowd roared with cheers as their favored team answered and rebutted the opposed team.  Both teams delivered outstanding arguments yet the NO team took home the prize for their superb reasons.

DevCon volunteers, speakers, and PLM students

After a long day, everyone took off with a pack of further knowledge about the technological industry. Everyone was full of joy thus the event was culminated successfully, thankfully, with the extreme efforts and participation of all involved parties.