As a first for 2018, DEVCON has run a CAMPUS DEVCON event at University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Las Pinas Campus (UPHSD-LP) last January 24, in partnership with the College of Computer Studies Student Council and the Junior Philippine Computer Society UPHSD-LP Chapter.
(Photos by Rencel Vocales)

Starting off the program, Event Lead Mr. Chi Shing Wan made DevCon Philippines known to the Perpetualite Community as he laid out its goal of promoting the IT Pinoy Talent in the country.
Before a brimming number of 350 attendees comprising of Information Technology and Computer Science Perpetualite students, Getz Clinical Software Developer Mr. Christian John Felix discussed about “The Real World in Information Technology”. 

In his talk, Mr. Felix shared the importance of being goal-oriented and the downsides of aimlessly investing time and energy into anything, be it in personal or professional aspect.

“Wag kang mag shadow-boxing, dapat alamin mo kung ano yung goal mo”,
Getz Clinical Software Developer Mr. Christian John Felix emphasized.
(Photo by Rencel Vocales)

Taking over for the second Lightning Talk, Airfrov Singapore Senior Software Engineer Mr. Al John Quiapon carried out a live demo in relation to his topic: “Git Ready: A Beginner’s Guide to Version Control”

(Photo by Rencel Vocales)

With a topic entitled “Chatbots and AI: What’s Out There Now and What Should Be”, Senior Software Developer Mr. Bench Cosme and NLP Lead Developer Mr. Shin Mar Quipit of ChatbotPH shared about how Chatbot technology has been making an impact in the industry today.
(Photos by Rencel Vocales | Mr. Bench Cosme and Mr. Shin Mar Quipit of ChatbotPH)

Gracing the event as also one of the resource speakers for the Lightning Talks segment is Microsoft MVP Mr. Leo Luis who shared from experience about how to survive and become better in the industry.

“Don’t waste your time right now”,
Mr. Luis expressed as an advice for students to make the most of their time in school and take advantage of the resources and trainings being offered to them.
(Photo by Rencel Vocales)

In his talk, Mr. Luis also highlighted the long-term perks of being proactive; of being involved in extra-curricular activities, organizations, and communities that can be one’s leverage to be a well-established professional in the latter.

(Photos by Rencel Vocales)

Having proved that Technology creates more positive impact to people rather than the otherwise, Team “EX-B”  was prevailed as the Birds of Feathers segment winner.