DevCon PH organized once more another code camp for students that can open new doors of opportunity that might require Python as the needed programming language. The event was launched on a Saturday morning, March 24, 2018. It started at 8 o’clock AM up until 5 o’clock PM in partnership with iAcademy as the venue partner. The program began with a welcome remark and an introduction to DevCon by Ruslie Dela Torre, the lead for the event. And followed by the Partners talk.




At 8 AM, participants were starting to arrive to learn about Python development



Ms. Ruslie de la Torre, the event lead for #PythonCodeCamp, introduced Devcon to the participants. (Left) Mr. Jeian Louell Nueva, the representative of iAcademy, introduced iAcademy to the participants.(Right)

Then, the speaker was introduced — Mr. Josef Monje. He is a Software Engineer and a Trustee at Python.PH Inc. One of the topics he discussed is the important use of symbols, operators, and delimiters as they are the basics in learning a programming language. 


Mr. Josef Monje was talking about the basic syntax in programming using Python.


Why Python?

Python has top the charts as one of the widely used programming language by programmers and companies alongside with C, C++, Java. Most companies that choose Python say that they prefer Python because of its versatile features and fewer programming codes. Programmers of big companies use Python because of characteristic features like, interactive, interpreted, modular, dynamic, object-oriented, portable, high-level, extensible in C and C++. It has attained an importance across the globe as the four company giants, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, has made it as one of their official programming language.