Once again, DevCon PH organizes a code camp for beginners. This time it’s all about developing fast, stable, and scalable Mobile Applications with React Native, a framework that allows developers to build using JavaScript. The event was held at Splitmedialabs, Quezon City last May 5, 2018.

Participants started arriving at 8am and were all ready to learn the basics on developing Mobile Applications using React Native.



Our event lead for today, Sir Ericson Luciano, began the event by introducing DevCon Philippines and its services to all kinds of people involved in the technology industry and community.



The speaker for the event was Sir Moses Lucas, a Software Engineer from ProudCloud that utilizes React Native and Ruby on Railes to build his applications. Sir Moses guided the participants in setting up their React Native development environment. Today, they used Expo and their text editor of choice to go along with the code camp.



Sir Moses introduced the basic usage of React Native and ReactJS in general. He demonstrated the basic ways to create components in React Native. Building components in React Native isn’t too different from how we build them in ReactJS for web applications, that is why anyone who is new to ReactJS is also already being given an introduction to the ReactJS library.

He also introduced Native Base, a Bootstra-like framework that helps in styling the mobile applications we build with React Native.


React Native also uses the same Component-based rendering as ReactJS


In React Native, we use native components such as ‘View’ and ‘Text’ instead of web components like ‘div’ or ‘span’.

During the event, our partner and venue sponsor for the day, Splitmedialabs, introduced their company and what they do.

Splitmedialabs’ products are centered around streaming games for over 8 million users across the world. Their products include XSplit, a simple yet powerful live streaming and recording software, Player.me, a social discovery platform for the gaming community, and challenge!, the leading provider of online tournament brackets.

You can learn more about Splitmedia in their website.


Sir Mak from Splitmedialabs introduces their company and how they work.


After a long session on the basics of building Native Mobile Applications with React Native, everyone was ready for a mini hackathon!

For today, everyone was tasked to build a simple Dollar-to-Peso conversion application.


Our challenge for today.


The participants became busy with the mini hackathon. Some of them also took some time to
network with the other participants of the code camp.


After a couple of minutes of intense coding and thinking, the winners were announced. Congratulations to everyone who won!


The winners of our React Native mini hackathon. Congratulations!


Our social media winner for today’s code camp. Congratulations!


Though not everybody got to go home with prizes, at the end of the day, everyone gets to take home new learnings and insight
that could help them in the future with their careers.

Once again, congratulations to all the participants, speaker, and volunteers for making this even a successful one!


Thank you to all participants, speaker, and volunteers! ‘Til next time!


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