DevCon Philippines organized the Ionic Code Camp for Beginners for individuals who are eager to learn new things, specifically in Mobile Application Development.

The event was held at Voyager Innovations in Mandaluyong City last May 12, 2018.



The event began with Mr. JC Marquez introducing DevCon Philippines to the participants. He introduced what DevCon does; the various activites
organized by DevCon all aim to promote the Pinoy IT talent.

After the quick introductions, the first speaker was introduced. Mr. Devlin Duldulao is a DevCon regular and is the first speaker for today’s
code camp. He is a Full-stack .NET Developer and SEO Consultant at Outsource SEO Philippines.

Sir Devlin gave a brief talk about TypeScript. TypeScript is an open-source programming language that is a subset of JavaScript that adds optional
static typing to the language. TypeScript is one of the languages developers can use in building hybrid mobile applications using the Ionic



The second speaker was Mr. Ronie Gregorio. He was the one who gave the participants a deep-dive into developing mobile applications
with the Ionic Framework.

Sir Ronie guided the participants in setting up their development environment and bootstrapping their first Ionic Framework mobile



After a whole day of coding and, of course, eating food, the participants were ready to build their own application for a mini hackathon,
a DevCon Code Camp classic, one we can’t go home without experiencing.

The participants were tasked to build their owin mobile application using Ionic. Everyone was split into the teams of their own choosing,
and the first team to finish the mobile application wins!

Exciting DevCon freebies await our participants!


The participants being busy with their mobile apps! Sir Devlin and sir Ronie are also
helping out the participants with some of their questions.


Everyone’s just having a good time building something new


The winners were announced shortly after one team finishes their application first.


The winners of today’s hackathon. Congratulations!


Today, everyone gets to go home a winner. In the end, all of the participants learned a thing or two from the code camp.

Congratulations to all!


The wonderful participants of the Ionic Code Camp for Beginners 2018!


And of course, the volunteers and speakers for today’s code camp!


Thank you to everyone who made this code camp possible.

Special thanks to Voyager Innovations for sponsoring the venue and the food of all the attendees of the event!

You can find out more about them in their website.

Stay tuned for more code camps from DevCon Philippines! Follow us on our Facebook page for updates on future events.