DevCon PH Cebu once again organized another code camp for professionals who are interested to learn new Javascript framework. The event was free, full-day talk and hands-on activity for those who participated.The Event was located at the Company JDN Building, Mandaue City last July 14,2018.

              Participants are starting to arrive as the the code camp begins at exactly 8:30am to 5:00pm and as they patiently wait for the event to starts, participants were socially active in meeting new friends and getting ready in learning the VueJS and Blockchain Infrastructure Security.


 DevCon’s very own core member Sir. Glenn Guden, starts the event by welcoming the participants and formally introduced the organization’s services, sharing various activities being organized by DevCon, promote and help locat IT professionals and students. The introduction was followed by the sponsor’s talk.


   The speaker of the said event was Sir Vince Banzon, a software engineer at FPT and has been in the development team for almost 4 years. His specialties includes developing web based technologies and mobile apps. And he’s also a javascript enthusiast and focuses in Vue.js,Angular and React. He starts his discussion with some overviews of the topic and the comparison of Vue.Js, Angular and React frameworks. Sir Harlequin is one of the core member of Laravel Cebu and VueJS Cebu,he also helps and guides the participants in understanding the topic alongside sir Vince , Sir Harlequin is also looking for amenable volunteers in VueJs.

                    As the morning sessions over, they had their lunch and the afternoon hands-on activity started. Sir. Vince and Sir. Harlequin made sure all the participants actively participated the activity. After, they evaluate and checked the participants output. The VueJS discussion ended successfully thanks to our speakers.

                     After their hands-on session, Blockchain infrastructure security discussion started. Headed by Scott Carlson, a chief information security officer at Sweetbridge.He is using his 20 years of experience to lead a security portion of this effort to transform the way people think about asset backed loans, wealth building, and supply chain financing. His specialization includes:infosec,data centers,cloud,virtualization and systems architecture.Though the topic lasted for an hour, Sir Scott managed to comprehensibly explained  the importance of blockchain in every industry.

As the event ended, we gave a token of appreciation to our speakers Sir Vince Banzon and Sir Scott  Carlson for giving their time for this Code Camp.

 The DevCon Cebu would like to thank our  sponsors :The Company Cebu , Codev , Crazy, Sweetbridge and Cebu Innovation Network for giving us the unwavering support and to all the participants who are eager to learn and actively joined . This event won’t be successful without all your support.

                                                       From DevCon Cebu. Thank You!!.