As of 2019 the first code camp this year happened at Barhead 5th floor Paseo Center, Paseo De Roxas, Makati City last February 23, 2019 brought together by Developers Connect Philippines in partnership with Accenture and Recruit day.

Photo by: Teejay Jamlang

Different tech enthusiasts begun arriving at 8 AM registering for the event. They are eager learner about android development using Deep links and Apps integrated to another medium which can be used for mobile development.Photo by: Teejay Jamlang

The event started with the introduction of what is Developers  Connect and what we do as a non – profit organization to the participants by Mr. Joshua Yabao the event lead followed by Partner’s talked.

Photo by: Teejay Jaamlang

Mr. Marco Valmores was introduced as the speaker for the whole session. He is the Lead Mobile Developer at Teravibe and also the Lead of Philippine Android Developers.

He started by the Three Types of Deep linking and the difference of each type.

Types of Deep linking:

  1. Standard Deep Linking
  2. Deferred Deep Linking
  3. Contextual Deep Linking

App Links – Google

Universal Links – IOS


Deep linking is a new concept that extends the web’s standard of index-able and searchable web elements through a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) to mobile through a series of specific SDKs


What is the importance of Deep linking?

Deep linking opens up a whole new space of tight app integrations, offering a new ability to create unique user experiences. It also offers unique validation opportunities.

On Android, deep linking capabilities have been nascent to the platform since the beginning while iOS has only recently extended their software development tool kits to include such capabilities.

After lunch Mr. Marco asked the participants to make the challenged in creating deep linking with the user interface.

Photos by: Teejay Jamlang

All of them do their best to create a deep linking site with a creativity of user interface and the chosen four presented their created apps.

Finally, one of them concluded as the winner of the said challenged and get his amazing prizes from our partner’s and sponsor. Once again, Congratulations!

Photo by: Teejay Jamlang

It was a productive day and everyone left with the new knowledge about android development using deep linking and apps integrated to another medium.

Thank you to our participants and sponsor for the successful event!

Photo by: Teejay Jamlang

Presenting the participants of Android Code Camp Professionals 2019

Photo by: Teejay Jamlang

Developers  Connect Volunteers of Android Code Camp 2019

Stay tuned to  more upcoming events of Developers  Connect Philippines.