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Be a Volunteer

We’re always looking for people who have spare time to share to our cause.

Anyone can be a volunteer. Students, professionals, and educators are all welcome to join our group of volunteers. You don’t even need to be in the IT field to join – in fact, most of what volunteers do are not directly related to IT:

  • Logistics – planning and coordination of events, scouting out new venues
  • Marketing – preparing advertising material and releasing them, engaging with the community
  • Technical – maintaining this website, conducting the Java Code Challenge, speaking in events
  • Membership – recruiting and training volunteers, organizing the members, keeping in touch with inactive members
  • Office Administration – processing paperwork, auditing and finances, looking for sponsors
  • General – setting up and manning booths, ushering attendees, etc.

There are still some situations which can prevent one from becoming a volunteer, however. For example, individuals who live far away from regional chapters would be limited to doing remote work.

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Devcon Membership

Volunteers who have done notable work at least twice in separate DevCon-organized or DevCon partner events are eligible to become full-fledged DevCon Members.

Our VP for Membership Carlo Ledesma as a Participant in Globe Devathon
(He started out as a co-organizer of a campus DevCon at the Mapúa Institute of Technology.)

Members receive more tasks and far more responsibility than regular volunteers. In exchange, they get more out of DevCon activities (e.g. travel opportunities, priority on freebies) and have a greater say in the direction of the organization. Members are also eligible to become DevCon Officers in the future.

Volunteers are nominated by active DevCon members, which then pass through a review by the general membership of DevCon via online assessment and voting. Nominations are held each May and October of the year.

To know more about becoming a member or volunteer, email our VP for Membership via [email protected].