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4th DevCon Android Code Camp (Professionals)

5 April 2014 (Saturday)


The 4th DevCon Android Code Camp (Professionals) is a whole day seminar and workshop in partnership with Smart DevNet, Jump Experience Center and Elance that aims to build up development skills on Android mobile platform. It targets to cater 30 professionals willing to learn basic Android development.

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10:00 – 10:30Registration. (Note: Registration closes at 10:45AM)
10:30 – 10:40Welcome Remarks and Intro to DevCon by Nathaniel Cailo
10:40 – 11:00Partners Talks: Elance, Smart DevNet, Jump
11:00 – 12:00Workshop (by Evan Dale Aromin)
12:00 –   1:00Lunch
  1:00 –   4:00Workshop (by Deuphil Kaufmann)
  4:00 –   5:00Mini Hackathon



Participants must bring their own laptops.


Snacks will be provided, but not the participants’ lunch 🙂

Participants should also download the ADT Bundle in advance:




While the DevCon team loves to conduct workshops that would help you learn new technologies as a community initiative, heads up! There will be no certificates provided for this camp . 🙂


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2. Registered Participants:

Aceron, Cleo
Alamag, Justin
Almanzor, Darrel Louise
Ambrosio, Coleen Kier
Angeles, Angelo
Anonas, Noel
Boco, Jhun
Censon, Wilson
Centeno, Ray
Chan, Ervin Jan
Chua, Erwin Joseph
Curay, Alvin
Datun, Jerome
Del Rosario, John Paulo
Descallar, Patricia Louise
Gardon, Roselle Wednesday
Lagana, Joel
Manuel, Jonaliz
Montalbo, Joseph
Moreno, Maynard
Pineda, Nico
Ramos, James Robert
Ramos, Lester
Ramos, Princess Jamelyn
Razo, Sol
Reyes, Ulyssa Elaine
Riman, Marc Josef
Rivera, Anne Bernadette
Santos, Regina

For inquiries, you may contact:

Nathaniel Cailo
Project Lead