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Campus DevCon at the Iloilo Science and Technology University is a gathering in partnership with Iloilo Science and Technology University that aims to augment the academic learning's of students with up-to-date trends in the IT industry.

This Campus DevCon has 2 main components:

Lightning Talks (LT)

LTs are very quick presentations delivered with or without auxiliary visual materials. Each speakers has a maximum of 15 minutes to present his idea, including preparation time, self, introduction, Q&A, etc. There are usually 6-8 LTs per Campus DevCon.

Birds of a Feather (BoF)

BoF is an informal debate on tech topics with 3 volunteers from two opposing sides. A BoF panel will judge on who's the best team. Examples of BoF topics are "iOS vs Android", "Does technology improve or harm a person's social life?" and "Windows vs Linux".

About DevCon

Developers Connect Philippines (DevCon) is a BIR and SEC registered non-profit, non-government organization which aims to empower Filipino developers and promote the "IT Pinoy Talent" by providing unique venues for IT students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts to Sync, Support and Succeed.


DevCon Platinum Partners



  • A walk in the CLOUD – Godfrey D. Beray, IT Consultant, F&C Group of


  • Git Repository – Jingo Rodriguez, Full-Stack Developer

  • RIA: Vaadin, Thinking of U & I – Godfrey D. Beray

  • “Introduction to Startups” – Kyra Dianon, MavenTech

  • “Ransomware” – Francis Al Victoriano, Application Developer, 8Layers Technology

  • “GSuite for Edu and MavenEd ”- Rayjand Talaban Gellamucho, MavenTech

  • “How important UI/UX in a Team” – Jun Ray M. Canonicato, UI/UX Designer,AeusTech

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