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Chief Technology Officers’ Meetup:
Sharing Challenges and Solutions

13 November 2013


Chief Technology Officers' Meetup: Sharing Challenges and Solution is a gathering that aims to provide a venue for CTO's to connect and share with fellow CTO's their experiences and lessons in their indispensable role in their company.



Jason Torres, Chief Technology Officer of ProudCloud






Adric Schreuders, Regional Director of Engineering at Freelancer.com






More speakers to be announced soon!

6:00PM-7:00PM Registration and Networking
7:00PM-7:15PM Opening Remarks by DevCon
7:15PM-7:45PM Guest CTO Speaker 1 on “Growing Your Engineering Team”
8:15PM-8:45PM Guest CTO Speaker 2 on “Philippines Software Engineering Review”
8:15PM-9:15PM PLDT SME Nation on Cloud Service
8:45PM-9:00PM Closing Remarks by PLDT SME
9:00PM-10:00PM Networking

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