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DALIUS October Meetup

28 October 2017 (Saturday)

DALIUS October Meetup is a scheduled monthly gathering of Davao Linux User (DALIUS) Group in partnership with DevCon Davao that aims to promote Linux and opensource alternative.

Finding good Linux alternatives for Windows and Mac software

When switching to Linux, it’s not just about getting used to a new operating system. You also need to find the right software to help you get some work done.

Fortunately, some of your favorite applications will be cross-platform or web based, so the switch there is virtually effortless. But for most Mac or Windows tools, finding alternatives is probably not as straight forward as you would have hoped. Either the alternatives you found are a lot trickier to use / install (they can be a bit more “unpolished” sometimes), or there simply is no comparable tool available. Only very long forum topics filled with posts of users begging for a Linux version (cough Evernote). If that’s the case, then changing your workflow or keeping a dual boot setup are probably your only options.

In our October meetup, we’ll explore some of the available Linux applications for things like web development, writing, graphic design, screencasting, video editing, running a business and gaming. You will get an overview of which alternatives are good (or good enough) and which are troublesome or not available. On top of that, we’ll discuss tools like Wine, Docker and VirtualBox, which enable you to run non-Linux software on Linux anyway. Do they really work? What are the limitations?

At the end of the day, you will hopefully be able to get your job done on a Linux machine (even better!!)!

ment of Openstack Environments under Morphlabs. 

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