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StackHack Manila

20 September 2013


A vibrant one-day hackathon-style event where DevOps pros (and curious/skeptical IT guys) can get a jumpstart in using OpenStack to bring value to their company by automating their infrastructure.  Contestants will be judged by a panel of experts and prizes will be awarded to winners.

***This is NOT a “how to install openstack” seminar – we will not cover openstack deployment or management, this is all about USING OpenStack from the end-user perspective, either as a dev in an organization that bought a Helix, or even as the IT guy for that same company.***


Morphlabs employees will present three example modules in the format of “building blocks and how they can be combined to solve a problem.” Only Linux virtual servers will be used throughout the event. There will be step-by-step how-to docs on the web for each of the examples.  After the module presentation, contestants have 5 hours in the ultimate DevOps playground, OpenStack.  During those 5 hours you will work on automating a solution to one of three specific problems Morphlabs will define for the teams (i.e. your company hosts a website with potential for large traffic spikes; automate the deployment and destruction of web servers behind a load balancer, etc.) and work on building a demonstrable solution.  Morphlabs employees will be walking around to coach and assist.  At the end, contestants that have a working solution will present it to attendees and the judges, and they will be scored against several criteria.


*** If you plan to have a 2 person team, please sign-up with your team member and provide your team name during registration.  


Grand Prize

Winning team (comprised of 1 or 2 members) will be flown to Hong Kong for Summit and recieve all access passes to the OpenStack Summit.



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Opening Remarks

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Intro to OpenStack

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Early Lunch

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Competition Proper

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Prerequisite Skills and Readings

  • Linux operating system management
  • Familiarity with database client/server (MySQL, Postgres, etc)
  • Familiarity with basic networking
  • Run DevStack on a local or remote VM
  • Participant must be atleast 18 years of age (ID will be required at sign-in)

***Important to note- Due to the nature of this event and the use of an OpenStack Environment, the above skills and readings are required of all participants.  We want to ensure all attendees will be able to understand all of the basics before arriving at the event.  Therefore, as part of the registration process, we do require a paragraph explaining each registrants knowledge and history of administering systems or working as a DevOp.

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